Movement, Health, Philosophy, and Martial Art Practice of the HunYuan TaiJi System

Study Taiji

Taiji is a sophisticated movement practice inspired by ancient philosophy. It demands a profound level of movement literacy and can be utilized as an effective martial art and fitness regime. At a deep level of practice it becomes a system of healing, rehabilitation and longevity.

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Study Qigong

Qigong is a broad system of meditative and health-promoting movements that act on ones mind and body. It provides a means to overcome illness and promote longevity by strengthening both physiological and environmental adaptability. The ultimate goal of Qigong is to cultivate tranquility and broaden one’s awareness.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a seasoned healthcare system based on observational studies of the natural world. It offers holistic and non-invasive strategies to correcting both acute and chronic health issues, as well as offering sensible long-term health advice.

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