> Meditation & Health-promoting Movement

Qigong, Yangsheng, or Daoyin, are practices aimed at improving physical, mental, and emotional adaptability to stress. These are generally easy to practice and suitable for anybody at any level and in any state of health. They are especially useful for chronic health and rehabilitation issues that have left someone weak and unable to partake in normal physical activity.

The Hunyuan Taiji System incorporates a variety of Qigong practices as core foundations. However, these practices can also be taught separately as a stand-alone system.

Practicing Qigong also involves understanding the broader perspectives of ‘life nourishing practice.’ These not only include specific Qigong training, but also cultivating a deeper appreciation for common daily activities like diet, sleep, and social behaviour. In some cases, Qigong principles can be incorporated into other daily practices, like drinking tea, painting or gardening. At this level it is quite easy to implement practice as a regular part of your life.

Qigong is most commonly practiced as a daily program to maintain one’s health, but in some cases it may also aid in rehabilitation from injury or disease.

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