Jesse Lown


Jesse Lown has been practicing Chinese Medicine for over 20 years, including many years living in China where he worked in hospitals, private clinics, and continued his education in advanced studies. While living in China, Jesse had the opportunity to seek out doctors and teachers offering unique theoretical and practical experience. These people have deeply influenced how he practices today.


In Toronto, Jesse joined a team of entrepreneurs and established an integrated state-of-the-art, neurological rehabilitation centre.  In this venture, Jesse developed and directed a working model that integrated modern robotic technology, functional rehabilitation, and traditional medicine. 13 years later, the clinic has become a well-established neurological rehabilitation centre specializing in spinal cord injuries, stroke, brain injury, and Multiple Sclerosis.  This pursuit has led Jesse to effectively implement treatment methodologies that utilize both traditional and modern perspectives of practice, as well as develop a deep, practical knowledge in the field of neuroplasticity and neurological sequelae. As well, Jesse has had the opportunity to collaborate with neuroscientists from York University in the development of a sensorimotor-focused acquired brain injury recovery program. The program was designed to validate the clinical efficacy of combining cognitive software training with  breathing practice and ‘Taiji-like’ movements.


Jesse has taught traditional Chinese medicine at many private institutes, and over the years has become recognized for his exceptional presentation and public-speaking abilities.  His instinct to disseminate knowledge has led him to leadership positions, making him a sought-after and effective educator, especially within interdisciplinary clinical settings.


The inspiration and catalyst for Jesse’s decades of study and clinical practice are rooted in the traditional mind-body customs of QiGong, Taiji Quan, and Daoist Neigong.  In 2004, in recognition of his dedication, Jesse became an official 20th generation Taiji lineage holder.  He returns to China regularly to instruct on behalf of his mentor and teacher, as well as to advance his own training.


Over the last decade, the depths of ancient philosophical classics like Laozi’s Dao De Jing and the first canon of Chinese medicine, and the Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic), have become his focus. These books contain a wealth of knowledge about health, disease, and life. They continue to have a profound influence in his life.

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